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The Eco Remediation Alliance has worked with multiple technologies within the remediation industry and built a team that is creating innovative new ways of cleaning contamination.


What began as microbial treatments of hydrocarbons has grown into a remediation package for not only hydrocarbons, but other contaminants, such as NaCl, and PFAS. 


We are now looking to promote our innovations not only across but outside of Canada.

Working with technologies from Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, we have completed projects primarily in Alberta and BC. Project types include vehicular accidents on roadways spilling hydrocarbons, former heating oil dump yard on Vancouver Island, remote communications site in the Northwest Territories, and recently a former road maintenance yard with high NaCl contamination.



Remediation and Reclamation Solutions

Combining multiple technologies gives us the ability to adapt to new kinds of environmental contaminants, in different industries and markets. We hope to take these technologies and help other countries that may be behind us on the learning curve of waste management and remediation. By not only cleaning up contamination but also helping to either improve or establish a local Waste Management & Remediation industry.  With access to emergency response training, education on hazardous contaminants and potentially implementing regulations for environmental impacts.

  •  A proven set of technologies combined to optimize the remediation of complex contaminants
  •  Less expensive & better performance with the same adherence to government and local Environmental regulations
  •  Completed in less time than traditional methods
  • Minimal impact on the surrounding community, preservation of historical & important operating sites and existing environment
  • We can clean around existing infrastructure without impacting use or operating time
  • We are a solution to contamination in low permeability soil, like tight clays
  • No hazardous chemicals, large equipment, or prolonged environmental program
  • Soil and groundwater cleaned simultaneously
  • Safe to use around people, animals, and assets

Minimally invasive process for soil and water remediation with no waste stream. No job is too big or too small




Research & Manufacturing- Fixed Earth Innovations, GreenSTEM Technologies, Oil-Out and Zen Earth Products.
Environmental Services- Dirty Dirt Services, Enviro-Hazmat, Roy Northern Environmental and Signum Environmental.

Based in Fort St. John, BC, Dirty Dirt Services provides on the ground resources and expertise for implementing combined technologies. Responsible for utilizing the various microbes that comprise the Organics Package. Aids in conducting field aspects of theoretical innovations put forward by other alliance members. 

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Based in Calgary, AB, Zen's mission is to provide our customers with ways to increase their revenue without compromising their people, equipment nor the environment. We do this by replacing their dependencies on toxic chemicals and lubricants used in business and replace them with high performing biodegradable alternatives.  Supplying the Eco Remediation Alliance with technologies that clean the soil particles which allow the microbes to work better & faster. 

Based in Saskatoon, Sask, GreenSTEM Technology is a Clean-Biotech company. Providing laboratory expertise and microbial products utilized as a part of the Alliance Organics Package. Providing multiple organics that are bio-safe, vegan, and non-GMO. The Research for Hire team can identify unknown microbes and will develop new strains for specific site requirements.

Based in Fort St. John, BC, Roy Northern Land & Environmental provides expertise on environmental standards and regulations. Providing resources for delineation and assessment of contaminated sites, as well as, post-treatment reporting for environmental requirements. 

Based in Saskatoon, Sask, Fixed Earth Innovations provides on-site microbial expertise and in house research into various global contaminants. With the ability to insolate microbes on-site for an improved balance of native organics. Combining in the field research and in lab trials to create processes for new innovative solutions.

Based in Edmonton, AB, Oil-Out provides microbial products utilized in the consumer industry and by the Alliance for the remediation of hydrocarbons. Providing blends of microbes and nutrients for the Alliance Organics Package, depending on the scale and type of site.  

Based in Calgary, AB, Signum Environmental provides EKOGRID technology. The EKOGRID is a mechanical component of the treatment processes utilizing electro-kinetics for the enhancement of remediation. The EKO Package aids in remediation below the surface, around underground infrastructure and under existing buildings with minimal ground disturbance.

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Enviro Hazmat Emergency Response Inc., a Hazmat Emergency Response and Incident Command operation, is strategically located near major highway routes and within 45 minutes from the Calgary, Alberta international airport. Enviro Hazmat provides proven response systems applying I.C. (Incident Command) infrastructure approach to ALL emergency responses. Enviro Hazmat delivers boots on the ground response, responding with Hazmat Rescue apparatus and equipment, supported by integrated contract response teams inclusive of ER equipment across Alberta & B.C. In addition, Enviro Hazmat develops and integrates Emergency Response Plans c/w Awareness as well as full scale Operations/Responder Spill Response Training for multiple industry groups. This is a proven system that inspires successful mitigation for any type of Emergency Incident. Enviro Hazmat continues its objective to expand as well as improve mitigation technics and remedial technologies. This is exemplified by the collaborative approach with Eco Remediation Alliance as a further extension of the successful systems approach to Emergency Responses into the future.